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Accredited calibration laboratory of exhaust gas analyzers
post-warranty service
Calibration and legalization
post-warranty service
Accredited calibration laboratory of exhaust gas analyzers
service and legalization
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We legalize exhaust gas analyzers also we prepare nanometres to legalization

our staff is trained according to the latest instruction of Central Office of Measures and Polish Centre of Accreditation

In our analyzer tests we use only highest quality gases that are accredited by Central Office of Measures

In order to legalize an exhaust gas analyzer you have to prepare:
- a clean, complete and working exhaust gas analazer
- a manual and a certificate of previous legalization
We can collect a gas exhaust analyzer directly from a customer and bring it back after the legalization.

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 16:00
on Saturday 8:00 - 14:00

We offer services of G.L.S - a delivery company cooperating with us. We ask you politely to pack your equipment carefully, because our company is not responsible for any damage caused by transport




Mechanika Precyzyjna Piotr Rogowski – Accredited calibration laboratory

Welcome to the website of the calibration laboratory „Mechanika Precyzyjna Piotr Rogowski”

Legalization of gas exhaust analyzers is our speciality. We prepare our customers' equipment to legalization. Our laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre of Accreditation. By entrusting us with your equipment, you can be sure that it is in professional hands. Accreditation that we have received is a proof of highest quality service, relability and competence. Our calibration laboratory has designed and implemented a Management System consistent with the requirements of norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 / 2005. Our laboratory is located in Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship).

Systematic legalization of gas exhaust analyzers - requirements

Legalization is a technical and legal procedure which main objective is to examine if a device has any procedural or technical fault. In Poland gas exhaust analyzers should be legalized systematicaly (normally every 6 months) in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Economy from 7 December 2007 on requirements of gas exhaust analyzers and on detailed range of measurements done during a legal metrological control of these calibration devices (logbook no 241, position 1765). Legalization can be prooven by a document called certificate of legalization. Our accreditated calibration laboratory provides you with official certificate of legalization so you can avoid serious legal problems in case of control.

By choosing our company you are sure that everything is done in accordance with the law.

Accredited Calibration Laboratory - our services

Our laboratory provides services in the field of the legalization of GUM i MID analyzers. We also prepare manometres to legalization and provide services such as calibration and service of gas exhchange analysers. We do our best for our knowledge to be actual by taking part in trainings organised by Central Office of Measures and Polish Centre of Accreditation where we obtain the latest news about the equipment we deal with. Thanks to our cooperation with a prooven delivery company we can provide you with the transport of gas exhaust analyzers form other parts of Poland

We invite you to cooperate with us!

We invite the companies operating in the field of exhaust gas analyzers service to cooperation
We guarantee favorable conditions